We are launching a new scrubber model based on Micro-Blaze® bioremediation and water scrubbing.

This model has better control features for unbonding molecules with a certain force from the scrubbing spray combined with the

vapour flow vectors. The enzymes from the remediation process will also enhance the unbonding process, which is paving

the path for microbial access to internal and external integrals to be cleaned.

This has been achieved with adjustable scrubbing impact on the molecules by designating additional redundancy.

Trace and signal compounds are being used for microbial engineering of borderline pollutants with high toxicity or elements of VIC.

The scrubbing process has been simplified with utilization of pneumatic operation and H-class Zone 0 Solenoid Valve.

There is no packing or media required in this scrubber as long as nutrients and DO is present in the gravity water for keeping

metabolism up to required level.

The scrubber can scrub VIC with the application of relevant synthesis and mustering holding capacity for extended retention time

for gas and water phase.

This scrubber has built in atomization of effluent flow for additional remediation of micro/nano-size VOC molecules with low odour threshold.

We have developed an H-class scrubber with additional features and simplified operation.

Item Text
1 Weight including platform in kg 400
2 Material Glass Fiber used in the body – non corrosive. Weight about 70 kg
3 SUS 316 for components in contact with electrolyte
4 SUS 304 for components not in contact with electrolyte
5 Multilayer Pipes Pimaflex PE with PN 10 Bar - Years guarantee 10
6 Pneumatically operated scrubbing pump Diaphragm Q/hr m3 35
7 Pneumatic Autofeeding with H class Solenoid Valve 24 VDC
8 Four (4) Scrubbing Nozzles with manifold and separate valve control m3 0.1-35
9 Atomizer for additional efficiency
10 Air supply to atomizer from effluent drive air of Diaphragm pump
11 Scrubber can be configured for VOC and VIC
12 Additional holding tanks optional for ensuring good quality scrubbing water Optional
13 Auto level balancing of water in the gravity tank when using holding tanks m3 0.2
14 Manual replenishment of Micro-Blaze® ELSC or FOG normally mixing ratio % 0.1
15 Demister for preventing release of polluted droplets of scrubbing water
16 Auto cleaning of demister unit by air, water and Micro-Blaze®
17 International main- and lateral patent upgrades valid until 2033
18 Scrubbing capacity in m³ per hour at V=10 m/s 1,130
19 Max acceptable TDS reading in ppm 500
20 pH range accepted for most efficient scrubbing 6-8
21 Mixing ratio Micro-Blaze® ELSC or FOG normally % Closed loop 0.1
22 Mixing ratio Micro-Blaze® atomization branch % release to ATM 0.01-0.1
23 Platform in SUS 304 designated truck handling
24 Warranty one (1) year on pumps and solenoid valve
25 Warranty on body material and components SUS 316 negotiable years 5

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